LEGO McLaren 720S: Illuminati Confirmed!

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How do you tell if a car is exceptional without driving it? The answer to this is to check and see if there is a replica model that is made of LEGOs. Stellar vehicles are often rewarded with a LEGO clone and the latest to join this rank is the McLaren 720S.

The award-winning British supercar is just so good on and off the track that it warrants the production of a brick replica. You should also note that the LEGO McLaren 720S was brought out a couple of days ago and it features some interesting numbers.

For starters, about 280,000 pieces of LEGO bricks were used to create the tribute which translates to a value of $28,000 if you are to assume the price for a LEGO brick to be at 10 cents. This is a figure that is a ‘0’ short of the original 720S that retails at $280,000. Furthermore, the McLaren 720S LEGO is heavier than the original model which weighs at 2,800lbs.

The coincidence in numbers here is just too real that we have to say illuminati confirmed. Gosh, we always wanted to say that!