Lexus EV Set For China & Europe

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With electric models now getting more and more attention, it is time for Lexus to also have an EV of their own to offer and according to Yoshihiro Sawa, the President, they are working on one.

According to AutoNews, Lexus is already working on a new electric model that they will be releasing in Europe and China. The electric car will be crucial to help boost their sales in both those market especially with the stricter emissions regulations now.

While he did say that there will be an EV on the way, he did not reveal when the new EV model will be arriving. Toyota already has its own C-HR to offer so it probably won’t be long before we see the EV model from Lexus.

Lexus also showed off their new LM at the Shanghai Auto Show this month which was a surprise as most automakers are choosing to focus on SUVs and crossovers instead of minivans right now.