Lexus Officially Overtakes BMW In Sales!

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About a month ago, various reports named BMW as the bestselling luxury brand for the year 2015 here in the US. The German carmaker recorded a total of 346,023 vehicles sold and this is slightly above Lexus.

Apparently, the figures are wrong and Lexus is the bestselling brand for the luxury market here in the US in 2015. The Japanese luxury carmaker sold about 340,392 cars. This might be less than 346,023 and today, it was explained that the figures for BMW are based on the number of vehicles being shipped to the dealers, not the registered numbers.

The actual registered numbers of BMW cars throughout 2015 was actually 335,229 units and this is short of what Lexus has achieved. Lexus accepted this recognition with open arms and they revealed earlier today that they will pursue greater figures this year.