Lexus Reveals Name Of Upcoming Minivan

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More and more automakers are putting their time and efford into offering more crossovers and SUV but for Lexus, it is a new minvan. The minivan will be called the LM and Lexus will be showing it off at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month.

Based on the Alphard, the Lexus LM will have a similar profile with sliding rear doors. In the front sits a large grille with angular headlights on the isde with LED daytime running lights incorporated together.

We do not know what they will be fitting under the hood but since they did trademark the 300h monitor it is believe that we might see the 3.5 liter V6 gasoline under the hood.

With so little to go on, we really do not know what to expect from Lexus although there were speculations that it could be an Asian market only vehicle. More will be reveal on the 16th of April.