Lexus Thinking About Releasing A F Performance SUV?

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With the demand for SUVs and crossovers at an all-time high now, it would only be a matter of time before we see more and more high-performance sporting SUVs coming into the market. New reports are suggesting that the next one could very well be from Lexus.

According to Motor1, Lexus might be looking to build an F performance SUV that will focus on either off-road performance or on the road performance. If this is true, it will be very different from what the F badge has been offering so far.

We won’t be that surprise of the vehicle turns out to be an off-road performance focus model as Lexus has a few off-road vehicles that are pretty impressive so they probably know what they are doing.

Of course, we have not heard from Lexus yet so do take this with a pinch of salt util we hear something from Lexus.