Lincoln Continental: More Coach Door Editions To Come After Overwelming Response

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Lincoln announce their Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition last year. The vehicle was originally offered as a limited unit model but now that they have sold off all 80 units of the vehicle, they are saying that they will be offering a few more of these suicide door models.

The original number was set because it was the 80th Anniversary of the vehicle and that was the reason behind the 80 number. It was now reported that the vehcle will be getting a second year of production but we do not know if they will produce an additional 80 units of if they will be offering more.

Unlike the standard model, the vehicle was given an additional six inches and was fitted by a set of suicide doors. On the inside, we are also getting a full flow-through center console for the rear passengers.

We still do not know the exact final price of the vehicle but it is estimated to be around the $110,000.