Lotus 3-Eleven: Successor Still Far Off

The Lotus 3-Eleven was pretty successful and while fans have been asking for it for the longest time, it will probably be some time before we actually see one.

According to Lotus’s Matt Windle, the engineering boss of the firm revealed that they have so many things that they were already committed to right now and that their focus right now is to get a new product range out there.

The good news is that he feels that there is definitely room for it but for now, their focus is on that yet. They are working on a new EV model right now, the Lotus Evija which would come with a 2000hp engine. There is also a new Esprit with hybrid power.

There were also rumors that there will be an SUV in the works that will be coming in to compete with models like the Porsche Macan. For now, there is no words on when the next limited-edition Lotus will arrive but at least Lotus is not saying no for now.

Author: Staff Reporter

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