Mazda Has More Planned For Rotary Engine

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Previosly, it was suggested that the rotary engine from Mazda could be developed into a range extender for their future EV models but it looks like Mazda has more planned for the rotary engines.

Before you get your hopes up, Mazda has already made it quite clear that they are not working on an RX model so we can forget about that for now. What they are working on now is using the powertrain as an emergency generator. Since it can generate electric for vehicles, why not use them to generate electric for tools and building as well.

Ichiro Hirose, Mazda’s managing executive officer also added that the engine does not neccesarily need gasoline to work and they are also looking at running the engine on liquidfied petroleum gas. As for hydrogen, Mazda added that they are not looking at that as a possible fuel for the rotary engine right now.