Mazda MX-30 Crossover: Better Late Than Never

While a lot of automakers have been scrambling to get their EV’s into the market as soon as possible, Mazda decided to take their own sweet time with it but they are finally ready to show the world what they have been working on.

The new EV will be called Mazda MX-30 which does give us an idea of how big the vehicle will be. The new EV should match the CX-30 in size. The MX in the name also suggests a sporty model.

The design of the MX-30 also highlights that it will be a sporty EV model with a pentagonal grille in front that blends into the headlights. There is also a huge plastic fender flare similar to what Mazda would put on their crossover models.

On the inside, Mazda will be keeping things simple. We see s touchscreen display and floating center stack but the rest of the design is pretty simple.

No word on what Mazda will be fitting under the hood but the new Mazda MX-30 is expected to arrive sometime next year.

Author: Staff Reporter

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