Mazda Not Confident About Having A New Rotary Sports Car

Fans of Mazda have been talking about their rotary-powered sports car from some time now and despite the clear public interest in the vehicle, the automaker still does not seems interested in making it happen for the fans.

According to Ikuo Maeda, the chief designer for Mazda, they are still dreaming about using their rotary tech in new sports cars but added that they are not too sure how the new sports car will be received by the public.

He also said that they would have to see how accepting the public is to sports cars in the future since having sports cars might be seen as a negative thing with the talk on the global environment ongoing right now.

This means that Mazda currently does not have anything build with the rotary engine in mind but the fact that the automaker is not giving up on the idea alone is encouraging enough for many fo the fans.

Author: Staff Reporter

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