Mazda Reveals EV Plans For 2020

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We are seeing more and more automakers paying more attention to EV models and Mazda has now revealed what they are looking to offer to lower their vehicle emission in Europe and probably the rest of the world in the future.

According to CEO Akira Marumoto, their Mazda models now offer an average of 135.2g/km of CO2. With Europe looking to set the new emission numbers to 95g/km, it is clear that Mazda needs to catch up.

Mazda will be working with Toyota and Denso to come out with EV techs and EV architecture that we could be seeing next year. Mazda also seems to be working on incorporating their rotary engine into the system to help recharge the battery.

Mazda also made some necessary changes to their Skuactiv-X engine to make sure it produces less than 100g/km when it finally arrives. A new range of diesel engines is also on their way. So while things but get a little harder for Mazda next year with all the new regulations, Mazda is clearly doing all they can to make sure they can keep up with all these changes.