Mazda RX-9: Wankel Take A Back Seat

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Fans of the Mazda RX-8 are still hoping that Mazda would release a successor for the vehicle and while Mazda has not confirmed anything yet, at least we now know that they just had a new breakthrough with their rotary development.

Mazda has always been pretty transparent about the fact that they are still working on the rotary engine and now, it has been revealed that the Wankel engine would work as a supporting performance for an EV setup.

According to the reports, the rotary development has reached a point where the engine can actually charge the battery pack which means it will work like a range-extender for the Mazda model. It is believed that Mazda will be using this system for their new EV with will be coming in 2020.

As for the Mazda RX-9, there were some speculations that this development would mean that the RX-9 could come in as an EV sports car but it is still too early to say.