Mazda RX-Vision Will Reverse The Role Of EV Sibling

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About a week ago, Mazda offered an update on their rotary development program and what they said has left us in a state of confusion.

Mazda quoted that they have found a new breakthrough with rotary technology and it is one that allows the engine to function as the best range-extender yet. Mazda went on to share that they new rotary development will hasten the creation of their very first EV and they can’t wait to show it to the world.

We find this confusing because we really thought that the rotary development is exclusively for the next RX car, the RX-9. If the latter is going to end up being an EV, the jokes will be on Mazda for turning their long-term investment into a mere range extender.

The way we see it, the RX-9 is still waiting for the right rotary setup that can ensure stellar performance on the car. It won’t be a range-extender like what Mazda is planning for their EV program.