Mazda6 Gets Luxury Label In Reliability Survey

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Last week, the lads at WhatCar posted the results of their reliability survey and the research was broken down into several categories. What surprised us here is that the executive segment features some names that has never been compared to cars from luxury makes.

One particular name is the Mazda Mazda6 – a Japanese saloon that has root itself on the fifth spot in the survey findings. The Mazda6 scored 95.9% and this makes it better than the Audi A3, A4, as well as the Jaguar XE.

To associate a Mazda6 with the aforementioned pure executive vehicles intrigued us more than the reliability score and it actually got us to go out and pay the car a visit at the showroom. We did just that last weekend and it was then when we actually realized the Mazda6’s cabin quality is on-par with the ones on the Audi A3 and even the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The interior features a minimalist design and we really like how the buttons are neatly positioned on the centre-console. The finishing touch is with the pop-up infotainment that gives the Mazda6 an expansive feel. When paired with the tight seat stitches and upmarket materials, the Mazda6 do feel like its meant to be an entry-level luxury car.

This is not a sentiment which we can make for the likes of Honda Accord and Toyota Camry despite those two cars dominating on the sales front.