Mazda’s Skyactiv-X Engine Numbers Announced

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After talking about it for such a long time, Mazda finally announces that their new Skyactiv-X engine will be heading into production for various European countries.

Besides announcing the engine going into production, Mazda also revealed the official numbers for the upcoming engine. The Mazda 2.0 liter Skyactiv-X engine will be offering about 178hp and 165lb ft of torque which is not as powerful as the Skyactiv-G that Mazda was using on the Mazda 3 but it is more fuel efficient compared to the older engine. Compared to the standard 2.0 engine that Mazda is offering in Europe right now, the new engine is about 8mpg more fuel efficient.

As exciting as it is to learn more about the numbers that the engine will be offering, we still do not know when Mazda will be offering the engine here in the US. Nothing has been announced yet so we will just have to wait. For those living in Europe, the engine will be arriving this fall.