McLaren 720S Caught In A Mustang-Esque Crash!

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What is the most common type of crash for the Ford Mustang? There is no official data to give us an accurate answer for this question but if a stigma that is backed by countless videos on YouTube are to have a say in this, the most common type of crash is losing traction when attempting to show-off.

The Mustang is technically too prone to crashing when showing off at car meets and it often happens when the car loses traction due to having an unskilled driver.

Well, today we witnessed a similar happening but instead of the Mustang being the subject of the crash, the wrecked car is the all-new McLaren 720S. A video of the happening went viral online and it saw a 720S crashing upon losing control after a launch attempt.

What’s more painful about it is that the 720S banged straight into an Audi R8 that is parked at the side of the road. In short, two iconic vehicles were destroyed in the happening and it is just too painful for our eyes to bear.