McLaren 720S vs Corvette ZR1: The Track Champion Is…

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Both the McLaren 720S and the all-new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 are two of the finest sports cars in the market but which of them is fastest on the track?

This is something which you can find out today after a video of the McLaren 720S competing against the Corvette ZR1 in a proper track challenge got uploaded online.

From the clip, you will find it strange to see that the 720S is noticeably faster on the straights than on the bends when compared to the Corvette ZR1. We said strange because McLaren is an Formula 1 company that takes pride in tracking whereas the ZR1 is from GM – a brand that has a strong reputation on the drag strip.

Anyway, we won’t be spoiling the result and we have left a clip of the race below for your viewing. Do keep in mind that the driver on the 720S has less experience when compared to the lad on the ZR1.