McLaren 720S vs Tesla P100D: We Have A Winner!

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McLaren is not a carmaker which you will commonly associated with drag racing and this is due to the company having a Formula 1 setup. But even with that in mind, the cars from McLaren are made to be so fast that they can achieve some world-beating timings on the straight line.

Take the 720S as an example. The award-winning supercar has beaten a number of drag-tailored vehicles since it made its debut less than a year ago. The strange bit about this is that there are more videos of the 720S’ drag success than the track.

But if there is one car which the 720S has not faced, it is the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode. The EV supercar is one of the strongest stock vehicles on the drag strip and this has left many wondering on how the P100D will perform when contesting against the 720S.

If you’re among them, you can now find out which car is fastest on the straight line after a video showcasing the two vehicles popped up online. Are you prepared for the verdict?