McLaren Elva: Cutting Down Amid Pandemic

McLaren did manage to impress the public when they took the covers off their McLaren Elva, a new speedster that does not come with a windshield. When it was first announced, MacLaren also added that they will be selling 399units of the vehicle but they have now announced that they will be cutting that number down to 249 units.

According to the automaker, the adjustment was made based on feedback from their customers who think that the vehicle should be more exclusive. As nice as that sounds, some people think that McLaren did not get 399 orders for their McLaren Elva and at such uncertain times, they probably wanted to make sure they do not have extra Elva models sitting around.

With other automakers also looking to push out roadsters of their own like Ferrari SP1, Aston Martin V12 Speedsters, Pagani Huayra BC Roadster and more, it is probably best of McLaren played it safe for now especially with that huge price tag the vehicle will be coming in with.

Author: Staff Reporter

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