McLaren Senna & More Could Catch Fire [Recall]

McLaren will be issuing a recall to bring back a few of their models including the Senna after it was discovered that there might be an issue with the fuel tank.

According to the report, the fire risk is from the NVH foam pad that is placed underneath the fuel tank. There is a chance for the pad to collect and retain corrosive moisture from the environment and corrode the surface of the fuel tank over time which could release fuel liquid and gas vapor and possibly causing a fire.

A total of 2763 units of McLaren models will be affected including the 2019 Senna, 2016 to 2020 720S, 2020 GT model, and the 2017 to 2019 570GT. To fix this, McLaren will be removing the NVH pad from the vehicle and checking the tanks for corrosion. If needed, the fuel tank will be replaced but for now, they will only be removing the pad with no replacement part.

The investigation started after a few of their customers reported smelling fuel.

Author: Staff Reporter

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