McLaren Senna vs 720S: There’s No Loser In This Contest

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The McLaren 720S is one of the most recognized supercars in the world right now and this is owed to its achievements in the racing scene. The 720S has basically done it all from beating some of the fastest cars on the drag strip to becoming a hot performer around a proper road course.

But to call the 720S as the best creation from McLaren yet won’t be accurate at all as there are other better cars in the company’s line-up. We are particularly referring to the latest Senna which is packed with more power and is better tailored for the track.

Unlike the 720S, the Senna comes with a suspension setup and tires that are better suited for the bends and the extra horsepower will give it greater speed to achieve better lap times. But even with all these upgrades in mind, the 720S still wins our hearts as it can still give the Senna a tight contest.

You can see it for yourself below.