Meet The Last V8 From Audi!

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Audi announced earlier today that are done with developing the all-new V8 engine and it will be the last of its kind. Audi revealed that V8 is going to go extinct in the near future due to the green requirements hence they won’t be building any new 8-pot mills in the future.

The new V8 came out in two forms, diesel and petrol. The diesel model is equipped with twin-turbochargers and an electric compressor that keeps the turbo running regardless of engine speed. Audi has yet to unveil the petrol V8 but we can assume to be similar in every way.

Audi revealed that the V8 unit will debut first on the SQ7 and it is also being planned for the Porsche Cayenne, Panamera, Bentley Continental and Bentley Bentayga. If you have any desire to experience a new V8 from Audi, now seems to be the only time to do so.