Mercedes-AMG Playing With Our Hearts

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Mercedes has more vehicles to offer now than ever but it is clear that they are not done yet as the automaker released a new teaser image on their social media showing is the Panamericana grille with the Mercedes logo in the middle.

As nice as it looks, the big question now is what it is. Nobody really knows what to expect from Mercedes at this point although there were some speculations that it could be the CLA 45 or A45 since journalist was already treated for a ride of the prototypes.

The A45 is also expected to make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show so it made sense that Mercedes would start teasing it now. The A45 will come with a 2.0-liter engine under the hood and will be offering about 282hp. There is also an A45 S that will deliver about 416hp.

Of course, we are not sure if that is really it? What do you think it is?