Mercedes-AMG Project One: Delays Blamed On Engine Idle

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The Project One is the next major supercar to come from Mercedes-AMG and it is hoping to be the fastest road-legal track car in the world.

This is a challenging goal for Mercedes to achieve as they need to beat other up and coming cars that share the same aspirations. Some that are worth mentioning include the Bugatti Divo, the next-gen Nissan GT-R and also the next-gen Tesla Roadster.

The good news for the Project One is that it has piqued the interest of more enthusiasts than the other names and this is due to the car having a setup that is close to a Formula One vehicle.

The only setback here is that the Formula One recipe that is being applied on the Project One is so complex that it has delayed developments by a whopping 9 months. Mercedes shared earlier today that the Project One is nearly a year behind schedule and the delays are mostly blamed on engine idle.

The 1,000hp 1.6L V6 engine mimics a pure F1 race car by having a stable rev at 5,000rpm. This is not fitting for public roads and more so for its emission goals.

The good news here is that Mercedes has finally found a way to ensure that the Project One can have a stable 1,200rpm idle and this has allowed them to move on to the next phase of development. Who would have thought that building an F1-inspired supercar can be overly complex for Mercedes?