Mercedes-Benz EQC: Real-World Range Rated Under 200-Miles?

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EVs have proved to the world that they are strong enough to replace ICE cars but this is with the exception of driving range. Despite 200 miles being the new range average for EVs, many still have range anxiety and this needs time to fix.

One solution is to have carmakers offering bigger, better and more efficient batteries with their cars. When paired to a quick-charging infrastructure, EVs can definitely kick range anxiety out of their system.

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC is already promising this when the preview numbers revealed on a range of about 270 miles and a charging setup that can offer 100 miles after 10 minutes of use. Mercedes is clearly heading in the right direction with the EQC – that is until today when a new range test found something awry with the car.

The test from WLTP revealed that the 402hp EQC won’t be able to go beyond 200 miles with a fully-charged battery. The previous number was achieved in NEDC tests that is said to be inaccurate.

The study from WLTP is based on real-world road conditions and this can scare off many potential EQC buyers unless Mercedes do something about it.