Mercedes-Benz EV-Class Set To Debut This Year!

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Several months ago, Mercedes-Benz admitted that they are far behind the EV market and the lack of having a dedicated EV model puts them further behind their rivals.

Mercedes-Benz then said that it is better late than never as they confirmed the development of a new EV car that will start a new Class. Today, we are able to learn that the EV-Class will be debuting this year, at the annual Paris Motor Show.

The vehicle is projected to offer 310 miles of driving range, together with the best luxuries which Mercedes-Benz is popular for. An executive from Mercedes even shared that the car will show the Tesla Model S how it is done.

Personally, we are interested to see how the EV-Class car will be priced when released. If it is to retail between $70,000 and $100,000, then the Model S will certainly have a problem since it is a controversial figure in the luxury field.