Mercedes-Benz EV G-Class Confirm

Mercedes-Benz is ready to hop onto the EV train as the automaker promise that they will be offering about 10 electric cars by 2020. We have already heard of some of the EV models but they have just confirmed that the EV G-Class will also be a part of it all.

According to Mercedes, there will be a zero-emission EV version of the G-Class and that it will be running on an EV powertrain instead of a hydrogen engine leading fans to speculate that it will be called the EQG based on how they have been naming their EV models.

Of course, while it sounds like something easy, turning the G-Class into an EV model will be harder since the vehicle is already so heavy right now. Having an EV powertrain will only increase its weight.

Mercedes could try to work out a lighter battery but that means we might have to wait a few more years before we actually see it on the road.

Author: Staff Reporter

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