Mercedes-Benz Finds New Way To Communicate With Pedestrians

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With autopilot now becoming more and more advanced, it is only a matter of time before we see vehicles driving on the road with no driver behind the steering. According to research, while the technology might be ready soon, the pedestrians are not ready to interact with driverless vehicles yet.

Well, Mercedes-Benz is saying that they are ready but only if the cars are marked. With that in mind, Mercedes created the CO-Operative Car which will come with sensors, lights, as well as speakers so that the car can communicate with the pedestrians.

The vehicle was fitted with four semi-circular pods with turquoise LEDs on the roof and turquoise LED light bars on top of the windshield and backlight. When the vehicle is in autonomous mode, the small portions of the light bars illuminate. The sensor will also be able to recognize faces so that it can make “eye contact” with the pedestrian to let them know that the vehicle sees them. If the pedestrian and the car does not make eye contact, the vehicle will produce a subtle noise to get the attention of the pedestrian.

We do not know when we will be seeing these techs on production models but it is exciting to see where this all could be heading.