Mercedes Confirms Interest To Outdo Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai!

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Japanese carmakers like Toyota and Honda strongly believe that EVs are not the true replacement for ICE cars. This is a role that belongs to FCEV that relies on hydrogen for energy.

Both Toyota and Honda have already offered a preview on this future through the Mirai and the Clarity but they are still a long way away from making FCEVs more cost-worthy and attractive than EVs. The unfortunate bit for them is that many are quick to ridicule this future – even by rival carmakers.

But 2018 has changed the perspectives once again after Volkswagen announced on their interest for FCEVs last month. This is now followed by another massive company, Mercedes-Benz.

The luxury carmaker revealed earlier today that they have started investing heavily in FCEV’s R&D and they hinted that a preview model through a commercial vehicle will be ready for unveiling in the near future.

The heat is certainly rising in the FCEV race and we can expect more carmakers to board-on this movement – especially after seeing Mercedes being part of it.