Mercedes EQS: Is That A Hearse?

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Mercedes-Benz is on the verge of launching a brand-new sub-brand called EQ-Class and it will represent pretty much every green car in their line-up. The first EQ will be making its unveiling later this year and it is called the EQC.

Once that is done, Mercedes will bring out the flagship car for the EQ family and it is known as the EQS. Earlier today, we are able to get a peek at the EQS and that was when our excitement turned into fear.

This is due to the EQS body shape that resembles a hearse. The extended hatch has got its rear fully covered in black cloth and this gave off a death vibe. The irony here is that the EQS will have a similar position to the S-Class in the electrified line-up.

But of course, once the camouflage is taken down, we can expect to have a different view of the EQS. Mercedes is likely to do so at the LA Auto Show later this year and we can’t wait for it.

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