Mercedes Express Desire To Join Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai

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EVs have proved to the world that they can be a fitting alternative to ICE cars. But for a handful of carmakers, electric cars are not the long-term solution and they believe that this role is reserved for FCEVs.

Mass market brands like Honda and Toyota are among those that are committed to FCEV and they have even brought out a preview of the future through the Clarity and Mirai. The technology is still in the early stages of development but that hasn’t stopped the Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai from showing the world on the potential of FCEV.

With the technology continuously making progress, Mercedes has decided that it is time for them to board the hydrogen-fuelled train and work towards creating their first FCEV car.

Mercedes confirmed on their interest earlier today and they even quoted that they have invested heavily in their R&D to hasten the development of FCEV.

If Mercedes, Toyota and Honda are able to see the potential of hydrogen, we are convinced that the technology may have a future that is greater than pure EVs.