Mercedes Ready To Take On Honda Clarity & Toyota Mirai

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Despite the fact that automakers are now paying more attention to EV models, Toyota and Honda still think that hydrogen engine still has a place in the market right now. In fact, they are not the only ones as Mercedes also announce that they are interested in making FCEV as well.

According to Mercedes, they have been looking into FCEV’s R&D and hinted that a preview model through a commercial vehicle will be shown in the near future. If Mercedes does go through with the plan, the new model will be coming in to compete with the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity.

We should be seeing more automakers jumping on board. We know that Volkswagen is also interested in making this happen for them as well. Do you think it is smart for these automakers to not only focus on EV but also FCEV or do you think FCEV will eventually be replaced by EV as well?