Mercedes Sees Potential In Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai

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EV technology has come to a point where range anxiety is no longer a common amongst consumers and this has made it a fitting alternative for ICE cars. But for the distant future, EVs may not be the best way forward at all.

Japanese companies like Honda and Toyota have said before that the EV trend is only temporary. The real future for automobiles is with FCEV. Both Honda and Toyota have since launched the Clarity and the Mirai respectively, and they have shown the potential with hydrogen-fuelled powertrain.

Both the Clarity and the Mirai has influenced Hyundai and Volkswagen to join the FCEV movement. Now, there is one new name on the train and it is Mercedes-Benz.

The behemoth in the luxury scene has confirmed on their interest in FCEV when they announced on a massive investment to develop a hydrogen-binging engine. Mercedes is hoping to offer a preview of their FCEV future by next year and it will be interesting to see how their version works.