Mercedes Wants To Take On Tesla With EQE?

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Mercedes seems to be determined to release more electric vehicles as they go forward with one of them possibly being the EQE model. Here is what we know right now.

The EQE will be coming in to sit below the EQS model and that it will be arriving in 2022. Being an electric model, the EQE model will be coming in to compete with the Model S and is expected to be priced around $75k.

There is not a whole lot of information about the EQE right now but it was reported that the vehicle will be riding on the MEA platform and will be coming in with a shorter body compared to the E-Class model.

As for the powertrain, it is believed that the vehicle will be fitted with two electric motors that will be offering about 402hp and 564lb ft of torque. It could also offer about 373miles of range with a single charge which is a bit longer than what the Model S is offering but then again, the Model S has been around for some time and we expect Tesla to give it a proper update soon.

More details will be revealed as we get close to the reveal date.