Mercedes X-Class Writes Off AMG Chances

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Monstrous pickup trucks are quite a thing here in the US but not so much over in Europe. Across the Atlantic Pond, performance pickup trucks hold a small market and this is probably why Mercedes is against allowing AMG to beef up the X-Class.

The Navara-based luxury pickup truck is, after all, made for Europe hence there is little demand for a performance variant. Mercedes, however, claimed that the reason for AMG’s dismissal is owed to the X-Class’ Renault-Nissan DNA.

The carmaker quoted “the AMG culture would be a difficult fit with Nissan and Renault cultures”. This means that if there is going to be an X-Class AMG, it will have to be based on an X-Class model that is built by Mercedes from the ground-up.

The reveal put to rest every speculation linking the X-Class into getting an AMG makeover and it may also serve as a hint that the pickup truck is truly not planning to debut here in the US.