Mid-Engine Corvette Development Sparked By Camaro?

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There have been several sightings of a different looking ‘Corvette’ being tested out behind closed doors and it is said to adopt a mid-engine layout. Many have sent their queries to GM and the carmaker didn’t deny the rumours.

For the Corvette fans, they are really curious to find out on how the mid-engine model will be slotted in their line-up. Some say that the mid-engine car will be priced in the MR2, Fiero, Cayman and Boxster category. The mid-engine Vette will be sold alongside the current Corvettes.

For us, we see the mid-engine Corvette as more of a Ford GT competitor and it will be priced north of the $100,000 mark. Sure, this might destroy the Corvette’s legacy of being one of the most affordable cars with supercar-like powers but it has to be done for the Corvette to evolve.

The current Corvette is already being threatened by the all-new Chevrolet Camaro, which happens to come with so much power to offer. The differences between the range-topping Camaro and the base Vette is so little that Corvette needs a big revolution to reach new heights. Doing so will surely hurt their history but it will be a sacrifice which GM will make. What do you think?