Mini All-Electric Cooper SE Already Have 45K On Reserve

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Mini might have been a little late to the EV game but that does not mean people are not interested in getting one as it was reported that Mini already have a pretty long list of customers waiting to get their hands on the Mini All-Electric Cooper SE model.

According to Mini, they have also 45,000 fans expressing their interest in the vehicle. The vehicle is expected to arrive early 2020 and those that want to own one can already start securing themselves one now but registering and putting down the deposit.

Of course, 45,000 reserved does not mean that they will be selling 45,000 units since people could still change their mind from now until they start delivering the Mini All-Electric Cooper SE model.

Production is expected to start in November. In the UK, the vehicle will be sold for £27,900 while in Germany, the all-electric Cooper SE will come with a €32,500 price tag.