Mini Rocketman Concept Won’t Stay As A Concept For Long

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A few years ago, Mini showed off a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show called the Mini Rocketman Concept. Since nothing much happen after that, nobody really paid much attention to the concept at that time but it looks like Mini was just waiting for the right momebt.

According to AutoCar, Mini is looking to turn the Rocketman into one of their new subcompact city car and that the production model will be arriving in 2022.

The report claims that they will be working with Great Wall Motors on the project so that they can share the cost and keep it profitable. They will be sharing the platform from Great Wall Motors.

The production version of the Mini Rocketman EV will keep its three-door hatchback design and it will be build in Jiangsu, China although they do plan to offer it globally. Since the concept is so old now, it is hard to determine that the new production model will be carrying over so hopefully, Mini will have more details for us soon.