Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Fail To Impress Consumer Reports

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Mitsubishi might have had some good times with the name Eclipse but it looks like the latest Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross might not be working out so well for them.

Unlike the last Eclipse, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes in as a compact crossover model. After being around for more than a year, Consumer Reports decided to take it out for a drive and were not impress with what Mitsubihi had to offer.

According to Mitsubihi, the ride and handling of the Mitsubishi Eclipse is far from impressive. The base model does not come with the AWD option but the interior does come with a chrome trim with climate control feature as standard.

They pointed out that the boot space might be too small but you can also fold the rear seats up to create more boot space if needed. Overall, it does not look like Consumer Reports will be recommending the vehicle anytime soon. You can check out their full review below.