Mitsubishi Electric SUV Concept Has Eyes Set On Geneva

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It looks like Mitsubishi will be at the Geneva Motor Show this year where they will be showing off their new concept. To give us an idea of what is to come, Mitsubishi has also release a new teaser image of the Electic SUV Concept.

Most of the vehicle were still hiding in the shadow but what we do get to see the the front end of the Mitsubishi Electric SUV Concept model. According to Mitsubishi, the concept will show more SUV, EV, tech and style. Talking about the style, the concept sure does not look like anything we have seen so far. The slim headlights and the LED DRL gives the front a unique face.

From what we can see, it also looks like the concept will not be getting a side mirror but will come with a camera side mirrors. The Geneva Motor Show will be happening in March so hopefully we will get a little more information aobut the concept from now until the event.