Mitsubishi Hands Free Coffee For Driving Data!

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If you’re a coffee addict with a great dislike of corporations taking in your personal data, you may want to stay away from Mitsubishi. The Japanese carmaker had just commenced its second attempt in the automotive scene and it is hungry to know your driving habits.

It was reported today that Mitsubishi had just launched a mobile application which will allow drivers to share their driving data with their insurers. The more consumers share, the more badges they will received through the app and these badges can be exchanged for gifts from Mitsubishi.

You don’t have to key in your driving information manually as everything will be done with your phone. The app will monitor your acceleration habits and how often you speed as well as apply hard braking.

The easiest badge comes with the installation of the app – something that can be exchanged for a cup of coffee. On the other hand, would you accept the caffeine drink when there is a risk of insurers charging you a hefty premium upon learning your driving habits?