Mitsubishi Mi-Tech PHEV Concept Had Us Dreaming Of A Far Away Future

The Tokyo Motor Show has finally started and that means we will see new production models and concept models getting unveiled. One of the latest models that were unveiled during the event is the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept.

The off-roader came powered by a hybrid powertrain and a head-turning design. What made it stood out was the fact that it had no doors and no roof. As interesting as it is, there is very little chance that this will be more than just a concept.

Powering the vehicle was a plug-in hybrid engine that when runs out of battery, uses the turbine engine to produce more electricity. If Mitsubishi does decide to build one, it could be an interesting rival to the Wrangler or upcoming Bronco but at this point, we might as well forget about it as changes of us seeing this no door SUV with a turbine engine is close to zero at this point but we can always dream.

Author: Staff Reporter

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