Move Aside Ford Mustang, You Don’t Need Drivers For A Perfect Donut

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It’s common to see a Ford Mustang at a car meet doing donuts and they have never failed to pull a crowd. But when it comes to the quality of the donut, there is no consistency with the Mustang as the tyre marks may look round at first and oval within minutes.

The solution here is to have a highly-skilled driver sitting behind the wheel of the Mustang to create a perfect donut. On the other hand, donut fans can simply forget about the Mustang or any other drift cars and look towards DeLorean.

The lads at Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Lab has been working hard on creating the perfect autonomous program and their progress demonstration saw a DeLorean perfectly executing a figure-eight slide. The circles are accurate and it was all achieved without a driver sitting behind the wheel.

It’s an amazing sight for those that finds pleasure when looking at a perfect circle and you can check it out below.