Move Aside Tesla, Dodge Charger Is Ahead In Oversized Slates!

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Tesla created a big controversy when they decided on the use of a large tablet for the controls of most functions in their vehicles. The touchscreen slate may give the likes of Model S and Model X a strong futuristic appeal but it also brings a greater risk of distracted driving.

Just yesterday, the controversial feature gained more attention from the public after a video of a cop pulling over a Model 3 owner for utilizing the infotainment system while driving went viral online.

While the owner may not be in any wrong, the officer stated that the slate is oversized and it creates a perfect platform for distractive driving. It is an obvious truth and we actually shocked that the officer decided to stop the Model 3 from it completing its commute.

What bothered us here is that the cop is unaware there is an oversized slate on some examples of law enforcing vehicles. Just see the picture below and you will realize that the Dodge Charger Pursuit is well ahead of Tesla in terms of docking a tablet onto the dashboard.

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