N-Division Won’t Be Limited To Hyundai

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has confirmed that it will start to release performance-focused vehicles from this year onwards and it will begin with the i30 N. Basically, any performance car from Hyundai will come with the ‘N’ badge since they are tuned by the ‘N-Division’.

Now, Hyundai has confirmed that the N badge won’t be limited to their cars only. Genesis too will produce performance-focused models and it will start with the G80 N. This will see the ordinary G80 coming out with more power and thrills to offer.

The way we see it, the G80 N will be the perfect successor for Hyundai’s most powerful car, the Genesis Coupe. Then again, the details on this are still too scarce at the moment but we can expect more spills on the matter once Genesis releases the G80. What do you think?