New Call Of Duty Game Is All About Mobile And Battle Royale

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It was revealed that besides working on another Call of Duty game, the developer might also be working on a new mobile game. Here is what we know right now.

One exciting news about the mobile version of the game is that it will be coming in with a Battle Royale Mode. We are not sure if we actually need anymore Battle Royale game but maybe they have something different to offer?

According to Activision, the new model will be similar to the Blackout mode for Black Ops 4 where players are dropped on the mao and will fight to be the last one standing.

However, it will come with a few unique features. Here is what Activision has revealed. The game will accommodate 100 players and players can choose to play solo, with another player or in a team of four with bigger teams considered for the future. There will be six classes each with its own ability and skills. Players can also revive their teammates.

The game will allow you to play as a first or third person but you will match with others that have chosen the same perspective. There will also be vehicles in this Battle Royale mode.

No official date has been released yet but we do know that they are already doing a beta test in India.