New Ford Bronco: No Later Than 24 Months

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Ford have been teasing us about the Ford Bronco for some time now and while we have been hearing and seeing bits and pieces of the Ford Bronco, most of the details are still a mystery. Luckily, the wait is close to offer as Ford announce that the Ford Bronco will be one of the five models that would be offered within 24 months.

Ford announce the next five models that htey will be revealing. The models include the next-gen Ford Escape compact crossover, Ford F-Series Super Duty heavy-duty pickup truck, the Ford Bronco, as well as the Ford Transit van.

Based on what we have seen so far, the Ford Bronco will keep its boxy design and that it will be coming in both two and four doors.

The final model will be the Mach E electric crossover model which was origianlly called Mach 1 which many believe suggest that it might have some connection to Mustang and its said to offer about 300 mile range but there is still a lot of details that is missing.