New List Confirms GM Biggest Problem – Buick!

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GM is heading into troubled waters at the moment as they begin to see their profits going on a decline. This cannot be helped as there are a growing number of vehicles from GM that are struggling to leave the dealer lot.

Today, a research firm created a list of cars that are finding it hard to leave the dealer lots and we are shocked to see the many of the positions being occupied by Buick. The premium brand holds 4 spots out of 10 on the charts and this is a worrying sight.

In total, 6 positions are occupied by vehicles from GM and they are the Buick Lacrosse, Cascada, Verano, Regal, Chevrolet Camaro and the Corvette. You can check out the full standings below.

1. Buick Lacrosse 330
2. Buick Cascada 298
3. Chevrolet Corvette 267
4. Volkswagen CC 259
5. Chevrolet Camaro 236
6. Buick Verano 234
7. Mitsubishi Mirage 231
8. Acura ILX 227
9. Chrysler 200 225
10. Buick Regal 222

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  1. Vbondjr

    May 25, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Gm needs to drop Buick from the lineup completely. Dropping Buick along with the Chevrolet trax,spark sonic, Cruze and traverse would help gm out a lot. Chevrolets lineup should have the camaro, Malibu, an alpha platform rwd/awd impala with a few v8 options, a Colorado based blazer SUV, the Tahoe, suburban, Colorado & Silverado series. Gmc should do similar with their SUV and truck lineup and Cadillac needs to adopt the avista concept with the awd 10 speed setup behind the 465hp twin turbo v6 drop the ats lineup,bring out the escala with the new v8 engines redo the escapade, drop the srx and leave it at that