New Model S Incident Piles On To Tesla Quality Issues

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It is never a one-sided affair with Tesla as you will either hate the carmaker or love them. This cannot be helped as the EV cars developed by Tesla are the best in its class but the fact that Tesla identifies themselves as a luxury carmaker has attracted more hate than love.

There is just little about Tesla that reflects well on the definition of luxury. The Model S, in particular, may brag the best technologies around but the cabin quality is far from being the best. Then there is the Model X which has been caught in many quality issues since it made its debut.

Today, things got worse for Tesla after one Model S is reportedly having its gas pedal snapped. The gas pedal suddenly loss its purpose when the driver was attempting to show off on his Model S.

It may not sound anything serious but the incident managed to place the question marks on Tesla’s quality. At this rate, we would advise you to stay away from the upcoming Model 3, at least until a year into the car’s production.