New Tesla Product Will Solve Your Leaf Issue

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Tesla is far from what we would call a conventional automaker and it looks like we are about to see one of their crazy ideas soon as Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted that the company will be working on a new product, an electric leaf blower.

According to Tesla, the new leafblower will be quiet and will be made using a repurposed version of the HVAC system from the Tesla Model 3. While we can see that it might work, we just do not understand why Tesla would want to go from automobiles to household appliances.

We might never know the reasoning for Tesla to go down this route but if Tesla does manage to come out with a leaf blower that barely makes a sound, it is still a good thing? Your neighbor definitely would not mind the quieter leafblower.

So what do you think the leafblower will look like. Will it be a real product that Tesla plans to sell for a long time or will it be a limited unit product. So many questions and so little answers.